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269 S. Beverly Dr.

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Beverly Hills, Ca. 90212





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Who we are:


Impact Motion Pictures is the first “Green” film and television production company in Hollywood. We plan to be an environmentally conscious group of filmmakers, writers and producers. By way of introduction, we're all clients of Tammy Hunt, and over the last two decades, we've collectively worked virtually every job in film including acting, directing, writing, producing, casting, crew and stunts.  Our credits extend from major studio productions to cable/independent shoots to student films.  As a way of keeping costs down and maintaining as much control as possible,  we intend to be a full service production company that handles all aspects of pre-production, production and post-production in-house.



What we can do:


We are all writers, so we immediately bring a wide variety of scripts to the table. We can deliver projects on time and on budget, thanks to years of experience, top-notch crews and “set-savvy” to spare. We are in the process of establishing a relationship with a post-production house in Palm Springs so that the physical and technical parts of production can be dealt with in a disciplined and fiscally sound way. One of our partners is currently based in Silicon Valley and has raised money for emerging high tech companies.


What we can accomplish:


By pooling all of our individual resources, we can and will create important film and television projects and create a business that is both artistic and profitable. We believe with all of our collective talents, we can build a company that will provide high-quality entertainment product for years to come. Impact Motion Pictures’ founding members have all worked their way up through the Hollywood trenches, developed strong contacts for equipment, locations and crews nationwide, and garnered invaluable knowledge of the “mechanics” of film-making. We hope to have a huge IMPACT on the entertainment industry.




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We are in the beginning stages of forming our company. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact any of us at any time.