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I have taken time off my writing to produce my horror film "The Summoning". Please visit our website for more information!

"The Summoning"
I have taken time off writing to work on my horror film "The Summoning"!


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Red Rose, Spinning

Lindy Sternberger Hudis is an author, screenwriter, and filmmaker. Her independent film, The Lesson, was screened at the 2000 Seattle Underground Film Festival and Cine-nights LA. She is a graduate of New York University, and is also a former actress, appearing on the Aaron Spelling daytime drama, "Sunset Beach". She lives in Santa Monica, California with her husband Steve, a Hollywood stuntman, and her baby girl, Veronica Noelle.

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"City of Toys" is the next novel from Lindy S. Hudis. This story was inspired by her actual experiences as an aspiring actress in the frightening jungle known as Hollywood. 

Four beautiful women, each with their own demons driving them towards the fame and fortune they so desperately seek, come together in Hollywood, the land of shattered dreams and broken hearts. Marlo, the tough-talking, former child actress from New York, Rhonda, the small town beauty queen, Kim, the "nice Jewish girl" with a painful childhood, and Guyla, the "serious actress" with a debilitating, stress-induced illness, all meet and reside in the same apartment building deep in the heart of Hollywood.

Each of these fame-hungry women experiences one painful disaster after another—from casting directors behaving in sexually inappropriate ways, to crazed stalkers and jealous, mentally deranged starlets hounding them. They begin to rely upon one another to get through the horrific maze called Hollywood. But when the pressure gets too much, will their friendship be enough to save them in the City Of Toys?

Coming soon, CRASHERS! A new mystery/crime novel!

"City of Toys" is available now at Fictionwise as an electronic download.

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Weekends is a very extreme and intense story....To say that it’s not for the faint of heart is an understatement....I found Weekends to be a very well written story with amazing characterization, riveting scenes and tender romances. I couldn't put it down.

-- Joyfully

"In my opinion, with time and practice, Hudis will reach the level of James Patterson and Mary Higgins Clark. She promises to be an international bestseller. Weekends marks the beginning career of an important romantic-suspense writer. I couldn’t put it down, and when I discovered the antagonist, I screamed! You will too. A must read."

--Marti Tucker, author "The Mayor's Wife".

"WEEKENDS by Lindy S. Hudis has an amazing cast of characters, which this author adroitly pulls together with a fascinating plot.  I loved this story and highly recommend it to all readers who enjoy a good mystery and an even better love story!"
-- Nadine St. Denis, Romance Junkies

*****-5 STARS

"Lindy Hudis puts her "Hollywood know how" to good use in her debut novel, WEEKENDS, that reads like an award winning movie thriller! I found myself reading late into the night, not wanting to miss a single exciting page."

--Donna Zapf, CataRomance Reviews

"Weekends is jam packed full of action, intrigue, and mystery. Not to mention a good deal of love and romance. Author Lindy S. Hudis has a wonderful storytelling talent.  If you are ready for a roller coaster ride of a tale, this book is for you. "
-- Penny, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 Coffee Cups
"The author pushes the reader back and forth between the love story and the horrors of rape and murder.  This is a well-written story.  The characters are richly drawn and the action keeps the reader interested from the first page to the last."

--Candy, Coffee Time Romance


"The book Weekends is an absorbing tale, fast paced and always keeping you on your toes. Lindy Hudis has brought her characters to life in such vivid clarity that I could see the events unfold as clearly as if I was watching a movie. From the crime scenes to the very hot love scenes Weekends captivated me. I highly recommend this book as it has everything a reader could want… intrigue, action, mystery, romance and the love of family intertwined into a fascinating whole."

--Nikita, Enchanted in Romance

"Though classified as a romance novel, Lindy Hudis does such a good job creating suspense, it should be considered an extremely well crafted mystery."
--Bethany Paye, Round Table Reviews


4 Hearts

"...murder, mayhem, mystery and romance...Weekends, the stunning debut of Lindy Hudis....a complex read that unflinchingly tackles hard issues...make this reviewer keep turning the pages...would love to see a sequel...explicable and believable...a fan of Jackie Collins, then Weekends would definitely be a great choice for you. Any reader of romantic suspense...would like Weekends...This reviewer salutes Ms. Hudis on a great first effort and looks forward to her future publications. "

--Leah, Love Romances

"I think Ms. Hudis could shock the spit out of readers, while stirring up more than a bit of controversy with her multi-layered approach to storytelling....Squeamish readers should beware..."

--Cheryl JeffriesHeartstrings Reviews


**** 4 Flowers

"I think that WEEKENDS will especially appeal to those who enjoy murder mysteries, but there’s also plenty of romance. I think readers will enjoy this one—be ready for one wild weekend!"

--Carrye Syma , Romance Reader at Heart

"WEEKENDS is definitely a story that will keep your mind guessing and your heart pounding as you get lost between the pages of this captivating story. Lindy S. Hudis did an awesome job of combining romance, mystery, and suspense into a story that will keep you reading from the first page to the last."
-- Dina Smith, Romance Junkies. 

"Weekends is an amazing first novel by talented Lindy Hudis. The pages are filled with intriguing characters and a story that catches your attention and keeps you on the edge of your seat. The suspense begins to build from page one. The intricate series of events are linked by a family reunion and just goes to show that a lot can happen in one weekend. "

--Jan Douglas ,
Writers Unlimited Reviewer


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